KOTR Rules

King of the Ring – 2018 – Rules and Regulations

This document provides all the information in regard to the Competition (as defined below) rules, regulations, conduct procedures and official duties of all members of the Competition (as defined below) (“Regulations”).


At King of the Ring we aim to keep the rules as simple as possible in order to avoid any confusion or extra expense for the competitors. The rules are in place to keep all competitors, spectators and visitors safe, and to also ensure a level playing field for anyone taking part.

Directions, verdicts and instructions given by official King of the Ring, and Arena Essex Raceway staff are final. Please ensure to follow any instructions given by staff promptly, failure to do so could result in exclusion and ejection from the event.

Technical Overview:

  • Cars must be structurally sound and in good working order (no loose body panels, no fluid leaks & no fibre glass doors).
  • Helmets must be worn at all times on track.
  • A race suit and gloves are mandatory for all drivers. The race suit must be made from a fire proof material.
  • Driver must run a red LED brake light strip at the front and rear of car.
  • A hand held fire extinguisher must be accessible to the driver when in the seated position.
  • Arms and legs must be covered at all timesCars can be modified with tubs and tubular sections but strut tops, bulkheads and chassis legs must remain in tact.
  • All vehicles must be rear wheel drive. 
  • 4WD cars converted to RWD are permitted.
  • No slick or cut slick tyres permitted.